Word of CEO


The present time is definitely time of blast changes. The speed of those changes, as the dominant characteristic of our surrounding, has set the dynamic business world on track of more accelerating progress. The changes have become a trait of all spheres, fields of business and activities.

The accounting represents the universal asset-necessary tool of contemporary business world for management of those changes. Each organization, every more complex work or serious activity, requires accounting tools in order to achieve the desired goals. 

Related to that, during long-term intense team work, we answered to those changes with constant innovations, technical-technological improvements, expert development of employees and recognition of business needs of our partners resulting with successes, which our company in continuance achieves longer than one decade. It is the reason why the company “Bencom” is synonym for top professionalism, precision and diligence.

With our business standards, our goal is to offer more flexible support to the clients in the future and in accordance with development of electronic media to offer 24 hours service information, directly through our internet presentation. 

On the next pages you may see presentation of all segments of company business, selected into accounting, financial, legal, consultant, management services as well as services of accounting information system projecting.

We have special communication with every client, identifying their characteristics and adjusting ourselves with their business. With that kind of approach we achieve precise and efficient support for two hundred ninety two clients.

Welcome to our expanded family!

s.r. Stevo Mišeljić
s.r. Stevo Mišeljić