Consulting Services

Our services comprise the constant contact with our clients that we have the expert consultants ready to provide them with professional advice and opinions about their accounting systems, internal controls, the application of International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards and the national framework of the legislation throughout the year.

In our work we use the internationally recognized methodology with individual approach to each client's needs.

  • Survey of existing financial, accounting and information systems to give opinions on the current situation as well as suggestions, proposals for the improvement of the same
  • Recording the organizational structure of the company - lines of responsibility and allocation of authority within the company
  • Recording the legal services sector, the recording of legal documents and regulations of society, compliance with national legislation
  • The proposal, creation and production of new and modern accounting system with supporting detailed procedures for registering a change of business
  • Drafting terms of reference for the reconstruction of the information system as well as testing of the same
  • Making accounting project assignments to enhance automaticity in the work of software or setting up the software in accordance with modern standards
  • Development of accounting policies and other regulations as are necessary for normal functioning of financial and accounting sectors, all in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the national financial reporting framework
  • Recording system of internal controls - capture the comprehensiveness of the organization, policies, procedures, efficiency and effectiveness of the execution of jobs at all levels of jurisdiction
  • Training of personnel for the retail customer facilities related to the conduct of trade books and treasury operations
  • Preparation of the systematization of contract innovation and solutions to appoint managers of certain sectors
  • Training of professionals in your areas of law, accounting and finance to a level that meets the needs of your business enterprise
  • Document management - making rules and protocols for the archiving of incoming and outgoing documentation, systematization, their integration into the business information system
  • Interpretation of the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Tax advice and opinion in determining taxes and tax optimization, tax planning, assistance in resolving tax disputes, tax representation before the competent national authorities, to avoid internal and international double taxation

Due diligence (due diligence) - estimate closing the commercial, financial and legal aspects. This service includes:




Requested results


Checking the historical data, and review of management structure

Confirm current profit foundation to provide estimates


Contracts, spotting problems

Guarantees and indemnities, verification of all existing agreements, purchase contracts


The dynamics of the market, the competitive position of the target company, the commercial prospects of targeted companies

Since profits, business development strategies connected, the input for evaluation

Human resources

The composition of the labor force, employment conditions, level of responsibility andmotivation, organization

Disclosure obligations in the employment, evaluation of potential costs and risks of human rAreaesources at the conclusion of business


Quality management,
organizational structure

Identification of key issues and problems


Documents, land registration, lease agreements

The certificate holder of title, appraisal and property costs


The cost of our engagement in your company will form depending on the existing level of development of financial and accountinglegal and organizational systemthe complexityof your business and the volume of provided consulting services.

We can to realign your financial and accounting processesor performing them for you orwith youdepending on needTaking into account that we cooperate with manycustomersour knowledge and experience you can take in terms of finding the best solutions.