IT Development

AbacusApart from well-known accounting services and other services in this area, we enriched our offer with own IT product, new business/accounting software. The Abacus, the integrated business software, is designed within the company Bencom respecting the most demanding standards from software design and usage of the contemporary tools for designing the data base and application development, all in accordance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Montenegrin legislation.


Abacus® business software - Modules


Key functionality


Within the Abacus business system, the Financial module gives the opportunity of the whole financial accounting no matter the activity, size of the company and the scope of the booking. The synthetic and analytic chart of account is created and supplemented according to your needs. There is possibility of analytical account work out on different analytics (work units, VAT tariffs, inventory number, owners, contracts, taxes and contributions, partners, employees, services, banks, accounts).

The booking of orders can be done directly from the source documentation after which the order of the general ledger is automatically created and printed in usual form. Previously booked orders can be always checked on the screen, re-printed, changed and cancelled. With standard bookkeeping of the general ledger orders, recording of account of charges (invoice book) is also provided automatically creating and booking the orders in the general ledger.

The Financial module is connected with electronic banking so that the bank statements, statement of accounts and all transactions can be automatically booked in the order of the general ledger.

The review of synthetic and analytic cards with combination with business centres (organization units) enables large number of actual information on the screen or printer. The input of organizational structure through the code list offers the possibility of monitoring results, incomes and expenditures, payments and claims by organizational units as well as making of periodical calculations in that way.

The Financial module offers special benefits in monitoring the buyers and suppliers and in every moment debts and claims can be reviewed as well as other statements like the excerpt of open items and similar. If you use the Abacus applications for inventory and material management then you may check the documents (invoices, delivery notes, reception notes) on you clients' analytical card in original, re-print, change or delete them.

Drawing out and printing of final sheets and different reports from the general ledger for arbitrary time periods makes periodical calculations much easier. The data booked in this application are also used for creating of additional reports.

Monitoring of VAT record is done through the orders of the general ledger. Drawing out and printing of the monthly VAT application as well as drawing out of the book on input and output invoices is completely automatic. Besides the automatic calculation of VAT and printing of VAT application, the programme automatically records the new change in the general ledger with printing of transfer order for VAT.

In part of financial business there is also the possibility of other records, different kinds of contracts, short-term and long-term financial obligations (credit, leasing) and similar. It is also possible to record payment plans of short-term and long-term obligations with automatic booking in the general ledger, interests by periods i.e. accompanying part of the principal by years.

Within the programme module financial business there is also possibility of processing and printing of financial reports with automatic conclusion of the business year and transfer of initial statement. The financial reports as well as the yearly application of profit tax are automatically calculated and printed with the option of export in more formats (word, excel, pdf). While processing the application of the profit tax, the programme automatically calculates and records the losses (business and capital) i.e. it uses the same for creating the tax application.

All reports, i.e. forms are in accordance with the IAS and IFRS and present domestic legislature. Therefore, the programme supports the following reports-forms:

  • Application of profit tax
  • Statement on total result - income sheet
  • Statement on financial position - balance sheet
  • Statement on capital changes
  • Statement on cash flow
  • Transfer of business and capital losses
  • Statistical annex



The Abacus Treasury module is intended for automation of the treasury keeping. While making the daily treasury, the order for payment is printed for it. There is special code list of changes used for creating of different reports. The Treasury module is connected with the Finance module and all the changes are also recorded in the general ledger. The programme provides keeping and printing of the treasury diary.


Fixed Property

The Abacus Fixed property module is intended for keeping of record of basic means as well as the record of small tools and inventory with calculative write-off.

Besides the record of supply of basic means, it is possible to record other changes of the means, capitalization, write-off, sale as well as the revalorization of means based on the estimation. For all stated changes, the order in the general ledger is automatically created and recorded. The depreciation calculations are done for arbitrary yearly periods. The programme automatically records all mentioned changes in the general ledger in accordance with the IAS and IFRS and present domestic legislature. Drawing out of inventory, research, financial and quantity reports are provided by accounts, tax and accounting groups, work units and combination of these data. All data on recorded basic means are available on the screen and printer. The ledger and the cards of the basic means can be checked in the same way.

Within the Fixed property module there is also the record on present maintenance of the basic means. It is possible to record invoices of the supplier for maintenance or record the expenses of its own material. As the Fixed property module is part of the unique system, all expenses of its own material and tools are also recorded in the documents of the module Goods and material. All mentioned changes are automatically recorded in the orders of the general ledger of the Finance module. The maintenance of the basic means can be monitored through different reviews and reports, collectively and individually by inventory numbers.

The Fixed property module also supports calculation of depreciation for tax purposes, by groups or individually. The depreciation yearly calculation for tax purpose is done according to the valid rule book of the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro.


Goods and Material

The Goods and Material module of the Abacus business system operates in accordance with needs and requests of the companies with retail and wholesale stores. The Abacus, the integrated business solution, completely automates the record of goods in wholesale and retail as well as record of the stocks of materials and final products of the production companies. All changes are sent to the financial part of the system automatically creating and booking of orders in the general ledger.

It is possible to keep the unlimited number of storages and stores. For every storage or store it is possible to keep stocks by the average supply and/or sale prices. All documents related to the trade companies business are created with easiness and possibility of automatic creating of documents as well as data export and import.

Within the Goods and material module there is great number of financial and quantity reports on changes in storages and stores. You may search for the stock lists and article cards in many ways, while the trade book is kept and printed from the programme.

The Goods and Material module is possible to connect with the Abacus POS solution, the software intended for automation of sale outlets in retail, with the possibility of automatic creation of documents in goods as well as booking of orders in the financial part of the business system. Besides the operation on working on the cash desk, the Abacus POS in accordance with legal regulations offers the work with fiscal printers. In case of dislocated retail stores, the Abacus POS is possible to connect with the information system and provide the information flow in both directions, with up-to-date and relevant data.



The companies which primary activity is oriented toward the service offer with the Services module may record the executed services with automatic record in the general ledger, i.e. the module Finance of the Abacus business system. For the companies that deliver services through more phases it is possible to monitor the realization of the whole contracted amount and invoicing by the interim situations. Besides the service invoices record, it is also possible to create documents of the accounting entries approval by the service invoices, all with the automatic record in the general ledger.

The documentation is saved and the document can be always checked again on the screen or printed in the same way you have done with the original document.


Personal Income

The programme Personal Income module gathers the personnel record with the record of all personnel changes and printing of solutions, i.e. record of other physical persons related to the calculations on lease, temporary service contracts and fees to the councilors. The programme is maximally adjusted to the needs of the users. Through it you can monitor the basic personnel record, regulated by the law and also other personnel changes that are of significance for a company. The programme is consisted of great number of code lists that user defines by itself and according to which monitors changes and reports. The code lists: state, town, municipality, occupations, qualification, and similar. The precise definition of the organizational structure of the company is provided through organization units and work places.

All types of personnel changes are defined through different records. It is possible to keep the record of solutions as holidays, paid and non-paid absence, sick-leave and similar. Besides the solutions, it is possible to keep the record of working permits for foreign citizens.

The personal data are kept for the employees, insured and other family members and it is the base for JPR form and other reports. The personal data on employees contain basic data (name, family name, sex, personal number, ID card number, occupation and qualification), data on place of residence, previous experience and work that the employee does. Within the personal data there is also complete record regulated by the law as well as the additional data record that could be of importance.

The programme of Personal Incomes is intended for the calculation of incomes and benefits of income for unlimited number of persons. The programme is adjusted to the newly regulations from the field of calculation and payment of personal incomes.

The Personal Incomes module gives possibility of calculation of taxes and contributions related to the payments based on the contracts on temporary service, revenues from property and property rights and fees for work in the board of directors.

Owing to the great number of adjustable parameters, every user may easily adjust the programme in accordance with its own method of income calculation, and possible changes in the regulations. The calculation can be made in gross or net principle, i.e. collective agreement (general, branch or individual) and real amount of working hours. This module supports income calculation during state holidays, over-time work, night work, length of service benefits and other calculation with special parameters, all in accordance with legal regulations.

For once entered data, it is possible to repeat the calculation couple of times, finding the income values that achieve the aimed gross amount for payment of personal incomes. All transfers, forms, payment lists, bank orders for payment, reports as RAD-1, OPP-ND, IOPPD, form with the option of export in xml format adjusted to electronic submission to the web portal of the Inland Revenue Service are printed from the programme.


 Abacus® Web Reporting

The availability of the correct information at the right time and right place, which was presented at this in an optimal manner, it may be crucial for the successful implementation of business processes.

Abacus Web Reporting is a unique system of reporting and analysis business that provides an efficient and controlled access to information from business systems. The system is designed such that possesses great adaptability to the needs of management companies and in all levels of the hierarchy of resource management. Great flexibility and support diverse needs of enterprises of different activities are recommended for guidance on this reporting system.

The list of allowed statements to form a pre-set and the user will be logged into the system, which gives the possibility of a wide range of reporting systems to adapt to the rights of individual users access to information systems.

The special quality of this reporting system is that the statements forming the basis of real data from the database daily posting, which means that a user who has access to Abacus Web Reporting System at all times have access to the actual state of the business system in the domain of their competence.

Abacus Web Reporting System can be accessed on the Web at:
(Username: demo Password: demo)

Abacus® Reporting is now available on smart devices with the Android operating system.